Embarking on a Night of Medical Discovery at Hospital Seri Botani (HSB)

By SeeFoon Koppen

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, I found myself at HSB for my first overnight medical check-up. Little did I know that this experience would not only be routine but also mark the beginning of a new era in healthcare for myself.

I stepped out of my car, stepped into the lobby and exclaimed, “My goodness, is this a hospital? It looks and feels like a 5-Star hotel!” Diane, the Customer Service Executive who was assigned to meet me said proudly, “Welcome to Hospital Seri Botani, I am here to take you for your executive check up.”

And so, my overnight executive check-up visit to the newly opened Hospital Seri Botani began one Thursday morning recently.

HSB, a privately-owned tertiary healthcare facility, owned and operated by the Taiko Group of companies, is located in the thriving integrated township of Bandar Seri Botani.

Opened quietly in February 2023, HSB’s Chief Operating Officer Ng Chee Hoong said that besides providing medical facilities for those living in Bandar Seri Botani, the hospital is also easily accessible to those in nearby towns such as Simpang Pulai, Gopeng, Batu Gajah, Seri Iskandar, Pengkalan, Lahat and Cameron Highlands.  

Hospital Seri Botani (HSB) is part of the master-planned integrated Bandar Seri Botani township in Ipoh, Perak.

The hospital building, spanning across 18.4 acres of land with a gross floor area of 192,000 square feet (Phase 1), was constructed in December 2019 and comprises seven (7) storeys including a lower ground level.

Ng said the hospital was currently licensed for 30 beds, but once the development is completed, the hospital would have 150 beds.

HSB offers the optimum environment for patients exploring private hospitalisation services in Ipoh, Perak.

“Development is planned in stages in the next few years. We are equipped with the latest MRI machine and digital mammography system and plans for a heart, fertility and nuclear medicine centres are in the works.” he said.

The anticipation began as I learned about the hospital’s commitment to staying ahead in medical technology. HSB has the latest MRI machine and digital mammography system, promising a diagnostic experience at the forefront of innovation. This revelation heightened my curiosity, transforming a typical medical check-up into an exploration of cutting-edge advancements.

Digital Mammography

As I settled into the serene ambiance of HSB, the prospect of a Health Screening Unit caught my attention. The idea of a comprehensive health assessment appealed to my desire for a proactive approach to well-being. It dawned on me that this was not just a routine check-up; it was an opportunity to delve into the intricacies of my health in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

The introduction of a Physiotherapy Unit struck a personal chord. The realisation that rehabilitation needs were being recognized and addressed resonated with me. HSB’s holistic approach to healthcare spoke volumes about their commitment to treating not just the symptoms but the individual as a whole.

Physiotherapy Unit

Looking towards the future, the announcement of a Bi-Plane Catheterization Lab this year fuelled my curiosity. This wasn’t just a facility; it was a glimpse into the evolving landscape of medical procedures. The prospect of being part of this evolving narrative added an unexpected layer of excitement to my check-up.

My day began with the usual weight, height and blood pressure measurements, followed by blood drawing for the comprehensive blood tests.

I am usually a nurse’s nightmare for drawing blood as my veins are tiny and very difficult to find. I usually end up being a pin cushion and becoming more agitated with each poke. However, HSB has a person called a phlebotomist who specialises in drawing blood and lo and behold, she got the vein in one prick of the needle. With relief, I congratulated her and went on to other tests. 

Next was an intake interview with Dr. Sathesh Subramaniam, Consultant Internal Medicine Physician who gave me such a comprehensive check-up including knocking my knees and tickling the soles of my feet with a stick to test my reflexes and nerve sensitivity that I congratulated him saying, “ Wow, that was a physical I haven’t had in aeons! Most specialists I have seen just want to know what’s wrong with you and proceed to treat that part of the body without consideration of the whole person!”. (My regular lament by the way).

I then went on to request for a Brain MRI, not on a whim but to follow up on a previous one done at another private hospital in Ipoh, to investigate the source for my unsteady balance and gait.

Not only did he proceed to study my previous results which I had brought with me but recommended the addition of a scan of my brain stem which had been left out in previous scans.

Experiencing their state-of-the-art MRI machine, a usually trepidatious process including lying still for what appears to be an inordinately long period of time, was relatively comfortable. The earphones with soothing music drowned out most of the loud knocking and bizarre sounds that emanate from the machine. Even the fact that I needed an injectable dye to highlight something which the radiologist found suspicious in my brain stem and required more clarity, did not faze me.

At this point I experienced something new that hitherto had never happened in all of my 79 years of medical interventions. The radiologist Dr. Chew Chee Keong, who was supervising the whole scanning process, knowing how tiny and fragile my veins were, used an ultrasound machine to find my most viable vein instead of palpating fruitlessly, as had often happened to me at other times and places. All the while, the assistants were most reassuring and the instructions over the loudspeaker from the radiologist outside were clear and succinct.

The results of this painstaking MRI process were explained to me the following morning. And a big thank you to Dr. Sathesh who added the scan of my brain stem for it revealed the likely source of my unsteady balance and gait.

What a blessing to find a doctor who is meticulous and who cares, I thought to myself. Thank you Dr. Sathesh.

The ultrasound scan which I do yearly, of all my internal organs went smoothly under the able hands of Dr. Chew.

By this time, the morning had passed and I was invited to lunch at the doctor’s dining room and had a taste of the food at the canteen which was simple and proved to be tasty. I had the opportunity to meet with some of the resident consultants and had a lively conversation with each on their respective specialties.

Ng Chee Hoong who joined us had more information to add on the hospital, informing me that they had thirty-six (36) consultant suites, four (4) Operating Theatres, three (3) Maternity/Delivery Suites, an Intensive Care Unit, 24 Hours Emergency & Ambulance Service and retail outlets.

In addition to that, a Bi-Plane Catheterization Lab is slated for setting up at HSB later in the year. With the hospital just 7 km (13-minute drive) away from Sultan Azlan Shah Airport and only 11 km away from Ipoh city centre, this prime location complements the myriad amenities available within the Botani township, serving the community in the vicinity and beyond.

I had a subsequent consultation with Dr. Meenakshi Adaikappan, an ENT specialist who hails from an impressive track record from Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun where she confessed to her first love of treating babies and young kids with ENT issues. Yet she manages to tear herself away to devote one day a week to HSB treating adult patients like myself.

As with other meticulous doctors who ensure that she has not missed any detail, however small, she proceeded to ask for my medical history and noting that I was complaining of unsteadiness and having balance issues, she zeroed in on the most likely source: my ears. She proceeded to give both ears a thorough examination, pointing out all the salient features of my ears on the big screen. She then patiently proceeded to do likewise with my nose.

Having determined that I had an inflamed right sinus, instead of prescribing medicine, to my delight, she proceeded to admonish me to flush my nose every day to relieve any build-up of mucus. To receive validation for an age-old yogic technique for cleansing nasal passages called Neti Yoga told me what an enlightened medical doctor she was.

Having received an “almost clean” bill of health for my ENT examination, I realised that Dr. Meena and the whole team of HSB subscribe to a service culture of “We Care” philosophy encompassing friendly staff, extending service excellence and compassion without compromising on customer care. As one of their 24-hour patients I can certainly testify to that. The attention and meticulous detail I experienced was faultless.

In the quiet corridors of HSB, on reflection, my overnight stay unfolded into a journey of personal health discovery and a witness to the hospital’s dedication to progress. What began as a routine check-up transformed into an exploration of innovation, a commitment to holistic care, and a front-row seat to the unfolding future of medical technology at HSB.

Not only was I treated to excellence in health care but on my check out interview where both Dr. Sathesh and Dr. Chew were present, I was given a detailed item by item analysis of my blood test results, a discussion of all my scans on a computer screen and what medications they were prescribing for me as well as a follow up timetable.

This overnight stay was not just a medical check-up; it was a personalised encounter with the evolving landscape of healthcare.

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