Ground-Breaking Ceremony


The long-awaited and much maligned Tanjung Rambutan wet market will finally become a reality. Once the RM5.8 million structure is completed, the mess, smell and congestion that greet shoppers will be a thing of the past. The present wet market is well past its shelf life and is on the brink of extinction, so to speak. The location in itself is inappropriate as it is sited on the bank of the Kinta River. Effluents from the market have contaminated the river and the surroundings. Moreover, the site does not facilitate a smooth traffic flow due to its size and disposition.

Dato’ Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah, MP for Tambun and Second Deputy Finance Minister, is the driving force behind the construction of the new marketplace. On July 23 Husni was given the honour to officiate at the ground-breaking ceremony of the project. Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim was present along with scores of excited residents and shoppers who did not want to miss the historic occasion.

There will be ample parking space so shoppers need not park their vehicles haphazardly as they do now. A food court will be built adjacent to the market to cater to those in need of a bite while shopping. This is indeed a welcome change not only for shoppers but for the residents and students of the nearby nursing college.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by end of 2012. The new market will help transform Tanjung Rambutan into a vibrant suburb with an image of its own.


1 thought on “Ground-Breaking Ceremony

  1. It is almost 60 years since I left this sleepy hamlet made famous by the Central Mental Hospital (as it was called then) now renamed Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta. Only now they have decided to build a new wet market to replace the same old market that my mother, the Head Nurse of the hospital went to since she started working in the early 90s!

    It is not that the enclave did not grow. Many housing sprang up around this town and eventually it became part of Ipoh City, yet, development to the town itself did not take place.

    There was a Teachers Training College, Nurses Training College, new schools but the Railway Station and and the ‘town’ (if you can call it one)are all the same as the day I left it.

    Since we have dual tracking now that has already reached TR, why don’t the authorities try having KTM Commuter Trains running as a trial from TR or even from Chemor to Batu Gajah in the south to make it easier for travellers to Ipoh from these areas. Since the only bus service there is so inefficient.

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