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Dog Bounces Back!




dog bounces back

In the Ipoh Echo Issue 167 (June 1-15, 2013), News Roundup carried a heart-breaking story about a neglected dog in Mansion Park. ISPCA (Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) immediately contacted the owner and was told it wasn’t an abuse case.

ISPCA has been following the case closely and we are glad to inform readers of Ipoh Echo that the dog has been given a new lease of life, thanks to rescuers Judy Tze and Irene Boey.

Recently we visited Irene and found the dog, now called Abigail, in good health with a new coat of fur. Irene told us Abigail showed fast recovery within the first three months under her care. Abigail is now in the care of Irene’s father and her son Aaron.

Keith Yoong
ISPCA Vice-Secretary

ISPCA Food Fair


The Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or more popularly known by its acronym, ISPCA, held its annual food fair at the St John Ambulance Hall in Ipoh recently. There were about 30 sponsored food stalls selling a wide variety of local delicacies and tidbits. In conjunction with the fair, the United Youth Movement of Malaysia (Pertubuhan Gerakan Belia Bersatu Malaysia) organised a pet beauty contest, which was well received by pet owners.

Proceeds from the food fair and pet beauty contest went towards the ISPCA fund to upkeep the no-kill animal shelter. Animal lovers who would like to adopt a pet can do so by visiting the shelter at Lot 38642, 4½ milestone, Jalan Gopeng, 31300 Ipoh, Perak. For details on adoption and other related matters, readers can contact Doreen Laidlaw at 016-560 8905.


Spunk’s Legacy


Pet NGO spokesman Anthony Thanasayan (in wheel chair) handing a memo to MBI Secretary Dato Abdul Rahim

The death of Spunk, the senior therapy dog and companion to an elderly woman which was shot by MBI enforcement officers early this month despite having a license will not be in vain.

Because of him all dogs will continue to live and all pet lovers can rest easy.

This is because the “Shooting of dogs in Ipoh will be banned with immediate effect”. The order to effect this was given by MBI Secretary Dato Hj Abdul Rahim bin Mohd Ariff this morning after meeting with a half dozen animal welfare and rights groups.

The shooting created an up-roar amongst pet NGOs who stated that the shooting of dogs was inhumane.

The NGOs present today were Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ISPCA), Noah’s Ark Ipoh, The Sanctuary Ipoh, SPCA Selangor and the Malaysian Animal-Assistant Therapy for Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive). Also present were officers from the State Department for Veterinary Services.

MBI’s sub-committee, which was formed after the shooting of Spunk, will now work very closely with the Veterinary Services Department and NGOs on how to handle stray dogs. Some of the measures proposed were to establish a pound for animals that were caught as well as the methods to be used to capture the animals.

NGO spokesperson, Anthony S. B. Thanasayan of Petpositive based in Selangor, said that Rahim would send a team from MBI next week to visit MPPJ and DBKL to study how the councils there caught dogs in a humane manner as well as its spay/neuter campaign.

Thanasayan said that the best outcome of the meeting though was that MBI would be visiting Spunk’s owner to apologise to her.


The Kelly and Jacinta Story

Kelly doing her evening round of feeding neighbourhood dogs

The story of Kelly Tan Juat Jong and Jacinta Emmanuel caring for stray dogs, which was published in Issue 92, has moved the hearts of many readers with compassion and love for animals. Since then, numerous calls with offers of help in the form of donations, dog food, and advice have been pouring in.

Kelly and Jacinta, who have been taking care of 52 dogs on their own in a shelter on privately owned land about 17 km from Ipoh, are now for the first time, able to vaccinate all their dogs with the help of a generous donor, Mr Foo Wan Tot, president of ISPCA.

Another contributor, Dr Suresh Sethuraman, whom Kelly and Jacinta call their ‘Goodwill Ambassador’, and his family donated cash and dog food, and also visited their shelter and gave invaluable advice on an adoption programme to re-home some of their dogs by designing a Facebook page. Kelly and Jacinta and their new-found friends are planning to register their shelter.

They now have tapped cleaner water from a different stream, so that they need not lug in 75 litres of water; ISPCA’s Mr Yap laid the pipes and Ms Sandy Chan financed the project.
Sadly people still call them to pick up strays, abused and injured animals, but they can ill afford to do so, because they are self-supporting and lack space at their shelter. Meanwhile, Kelly and Jacinta are looking for a suitable place closer to the city where they can have clean tap water and electricity and are closer to vets. They still welcome dog food and cash donations. Their phone numbers remain unchanged; Kelly – 016-5397192 (in Chinese) and Jacinta – 012-5150803.