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MBI Lucky Draw Winners


ipoh echo issue 142, MBI lucky drawThirty very fortunate Ipohites became proud winners of prizes won at the special lucky draw for rate-payers who paid their assessment bills in full for 2012. The special draw, held at the council foyer recently, was officiated by mayor, Dato’ Roshidi Hashim. The two top prizes were a Honda Wave 125 and a Honda Icon motorcycle. “The top prize next year will be a Perodua MyVi,” said Roshidi to reporters. The council, said the mayor, had allotted RM30,000 for this special draw. “The strategy seems to work. Enticing rate-payers with attractive prizes in a lucky draw encourages them to pay their dues in full,” he remarked. The council has introduced a new award beginning this year. It is aimed at corporations who are the biggest rate-payers. Five corporations won the Golden Award for their promptness in payment. They include Lion Parade, Equity Nirvana, Uda Holdings, Impiana Hotel and Tasek Cement Corporation.


MBI Lucky Draw


ipoh echo issue 140, Ipoh City Council, MBI lucky drawThe recently held luck draw at the Ipoh City Council building saw 230 winners taking home some very attractive prizes, compliments of the council. Those eligible for the draw paid their annual assessment bill in full by the end of February of this year. As required, the payments were made at counters within the council building, at the drive-through counter outside of the council building and at the old council office in Jalan Bandar.

The objective was noble – to encourage property owners to settle their assessment bill in full and on time. Souvenir mugs and ball pens were given out to 24,500 early birds. The number will be increased to 30,000 next year.

Village heads, councillors, council staff and members of the press were invited to pick 200 winners who will take home a tea set each. Mayor Dato’ Roshidi Hashim drew 30 winners. These lucky 30 will collect prizes in the form of motorcycles, refrigerators and electrical appliances during a special ceremony to be held in April. The amount spent on prizes alone this year was RM30,000, an increase from RM25,000 last year.