Summoned for No Fault of Theirs

My relatives came down from KL during Merdeka Holidays and went for breakfast Saturday September 1 at 8.15am on Leech Street. Except for the restaurants, other shops were not opened and they looked around and did not find anyone selling parking coupons. After breakfast they found a parking ticket on their car. Being a Saturday they were not even able to pay their fine.

They feel that they were summoned wrongly. If the parking fee starts at 8am, then MBI must have booths selling coupons from that time. MBI cannot expect tourists from outstation to carry coupons in their cars. Leech Street is famous for food and MBI must station their staff there to sell coupons. Ipoh is a food haven and MBI must not frustrate the tourists. Tourists start their day early.

Even on weekdays, shops selling coupons are not opened early. I found that many tourists have been unjustly summoned. They feel it is a ploy by MBI to increase income. MBI should have their own booths in areas popular with tourists or consider re-introducing parking meters in tourist spots.

I feel MBI must refund the money for wrongly summoning innocent victims due to their inadequate system of selling coupons. MBI must come up with a solution for this.

A. Jeyaraj

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