Taiping Zoo Update 1

Taiping Zoo and Night Safari recently gave a progress update of their development projects provided from their RM4.1 million allocation by Northern Corridor Implementation Authority.

The update presentation was made by YDP of Majlis Perbandaran Taiping En Shahrom bin Dato Abdul Malik. Together with Shahrom was Dr Kevin Lazarus the Director of Taiping Zoo and Night Safari.

The upgrade works included the completed 900 sq meter crocodile enclosure, the ‘Walk Through Lowland Forest which features beavers, squirrels and sea terrapins and the Malaysian Rain Forest Experience featuring hedgehogs and deer amongst other animals.

The other works-in-progress included the Tram Station which will expand the waiting area, the African Savannah Exhibit theme which features such animals as the zebra, giraffe or crane and the ‘Elephants of the Perak River Exhibit’ all of which will be for the benefit of the visitors to  view the animals as if in their natural surroundings in the wild.

The number of visitors to the to the Zoo Taiping and Night Safari for the year 2012 was 607K for Taiping Zoo and 97.9K for the Night Safari. According to Lazarus, the Zoo is targeting one million visitors by 2018. Lazarus also shared that the Zoo has made additional proposals to upgrade the existing exhibits to a theme based and naturalized environment to make the exhibits more attractive for visitors.


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