A Cross Cultural Wedding

The marriage of Yuko Ushiama and Jeevan Jayakumar was not only filled with joy and happiness but achieved a harmonious blending of cultures. Yuko, who went to Tenby School till the age of 10, is the daughter of one of the longest staying expatriates in Ipoh, Dato’ Tomiyasu Ushiama and his wife Datin Mina. She met her husband Jeevan who is of Sri Lankan descent, when she started working in Dentsu, a Japanese Advertising Agency in Kuala Lumpur 6 years ago. It was a long courtship which saw them tying the knot in November. Jeevan is Business Director of a British advertising company, Iris, based in Singapore and the couple will be living there.

The wedding ceremonies included ‘Gold Melting Ceremony’ at the groom’s house in KL on November 15 and another one at the Kalamandapam Hall in KL five days later. The wedding reception in Ipoh was held at Tropicana on the 30th with a violin performance by Mrs Keiko Shiraishi and her son, Yoichi, with keyboard by Mrs Megumi Tigges. There was a Japanese song by Mrs Fong Foong Beng and a Chinese song by Datin Janet Yeoh. All in all a series of memorable cross-cultural events.


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