BRT – The Gentle Path to Wellness (Part 3)

SeeFoon Chan-Koppen continues her exploration of Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) with a report on her ongoing sessions and own personal experience.

Electromagnetic devices are commonly used in mainstream medicine such as EEGs which measure electrical activity in the brain and EKGs which measure electrical patterns of heartbeats.

Science has proven that our bodies actually project their own magnetic fields and that all 70 trillion cells in the body communicate via electromagnetic frequencies. When communication between cells become blocked, disease is the result. Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) is yet another non-invasive way to ensure that the communication between cells can continue to flow unhindered.

The BICOM® device at Oasis of Hope checks for a person’s frequency patterns and compares those patterns with the harmonious patterns stored within the machine’s vast database. Anything outside the normal ranges will be treated until healthy patterns are restored.

My Results After 10 Sessions

They found energy blockages in the meridian of a whole host of organs at my first test but what was encouraging was that after the first series of ten sessions, these have dropped from 24 organs with energy blockages (the first time) to 14 organs a month and a half later. Therefore the next series of treatments will probe deeper into these recalcitrant organs to restore harmonious frequencies back to them.

In the heavy metals category, the list of heavy metals found in my body dropped from 13 to 6;  food allergens from 21 to 15; preservatives from 3 to 2; and the one mould fungus and pollen allergen discovered in the first test has disappeared. And the good news for me was that I can drink white wine again where formerly I tested allergic.

Every session of BRT begins with a clearing of energy to remove geopathic stress, electrosmog and radiation, scar interference and adhesions. Then begins the treatment proper with the machine indicating how much and how long the harmonious frequencies are needed by each organ. It was fascinating to watch as the therapist holds a spoon like device in front of the metal plate which measures the intake and absorption of frequencies. As long as the spoon device moves horizontally back and forth, my body was still absorbing and once it moves vertically  up and down, whichever organ was being treated had had its share of harmonious frequencies.

One very dramatic reversal of symptoms occurred after one session where I complained of swelling of my legs and ankles. Vivienne my therapist then placed the electrode pad on my kidneys and began to clear my lymph and my kidneys. The following morning, the swelling had gone down and I wasn’t feeling  bloated any longer. That’s what I call instantaneous feedback!

Next issue: More on Degenerated Cells.

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