Kuala Kangsar’s New Railway Station

The newly-opened Kuala Kangsar Railway Station has been well-received by local residents. Chan Bao Sheng, 70, impressed with facilities at the station such as elevators, waiting lounge and ample parking space, said that this was a vast improvement from the previous station. “I used to take the train from this station to Butterworth when I was a young boy. Now, I can do the same, just like years ago, but with more comfort,” he enthused.

Another local, Abd Sani, 33, said he was no longer concerned about the safety of his vehicle parked at the station whenever he takes the train because of tighter security. Seeing the improved condition of the station compared to the old station previously, he said, “I can’t wait to use the rail service.”

French tourist, Natacha Kinidian, 28, expressed satisfaction with the facility. She found it comfortable, something which travellers would appreciate. “The building is very beautiful, too,” she added.

According to the station’s spokesman, Azizul Rahman Muhamad, 16 closed-circuit television cameras are installed around the station as part of the security-enhancement measures. “The waiting lounge on the first floor can accommodate up to 90 passengers at any one time. We also have four elevators and disabled-friendly facilities such as toilets and other amenities.” Train tickets to all destinations can be purchased at the station. Train schedules are also available for perusal by commuters.


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