BRT – The Gentle Path to Wellness (Part 4)

By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

SeeFoon Chan-Koppen continues her exploration of Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) with a report on her ongoing sessions and own personal experience.

Speaking to my physician about yet another urinary tract infection (UTI) just before I sat down to write this, he was surprised to find out that at the last BRT session a few days earlier, Vivienne my therapist had found E. Coli bacteria in my system where before I tested negative. He was baffled as to how this was possible without a culture done on my urine.

I then had to explain to him that BRT detects the frequency signals emitted by all living cells. A pathogen is a living cell and each organism transmits a frequency unique to itself. After detection, the Bicom machine which is very specialised technology from Germany, then generates specific frequencies which will kill the pathogen. This Vivienne did for E. Coli and I must admit that I felt much better the following day. However, BRT is not a quick fix solution and it will take quite a few sessions before BRT can take away all traces of the bacteria causing my anguish. Nor will it prevent future opportunistic infections like UTI especially when there is an existing weakness but in time it can shore up the health of the organ and build up its immunity.

My other results were very optimistic however. During a period of one month from February till March, the following readings gave me encouragement to have even more sessions. Out of a total of  107 toxic elements, solvents and dyes tested they found only 18 in my body initially and at last reading there were 8 left. For parasites (yes parasites…those ugly squiggly worms, flukes that feed off our bodies) out of a total of 90 tested they only found 6 at the first reading and now it’s down to 2, both living in my intestinal tract (all that foodie eating!) Apparently many people who are tested can have almost all 90 of these parasites mostly coming from food! So watch what and where you eat.

For bacteria there were 89 types tested where I had only 2 in the beginning and now 4 with the new infection. For mucosis or fungal infections, BRT tests for a total of 75 types where I had 8 in the beginning and it’s now down to 3 after a month.

A total of 81 viruses are tested and I was pleased to find only one, the very common Adenovirus which causes respiratory infections, a condition I am very susceptible to.  So out you go soon Adeno……a few more sessions.

As for degenerated cells, where whole organs are tested, a total of 21 organs are tested and here I didn’t do so well with 14 organs showing degeneration of varying degrees (hey at my age I guess I have to expect some of this). After a month, 5 of these showed improvement while some others remain stubbornly degenerated.

So back to the machine for regeneration, not degeneration.

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