Ipoh Parade Goes Green

Nurturing a Healthy Respect for our Environment

Ipoh Parade gears up for a busy time ahead as it plays host to a large scale activity; dubbed “Go Green 2”, to promote, encourage, and foster an eco-friendly mentality. In continuing the efforts from the first Go Green campaign in 2012, and to coincide with the recent Earth Hour initiative, Ipoh Parade takes the lead to support a charitable and meaningful cause alongside Lion’s Club of Ipoh Mandarin, ULCC, and the Perak Education Department. With invitations extending to over 40 local kindergartens, primary, and high schools, plus the participation of tenants and supporters alike, the event will be an exciting weekend bonanza that sees a variety of activities, games, and competitions for everyone to enjoy.

Scheduled to commence on Saturday April 19, the event will invite VIPs from the Perak State Education Department and the Perak Tourism Board to initiate and activate the launch, followed by captivating dance performances from members of d’Artiz Street Dance Studio. The highlight of the day will undoubtedly be a Colouring Contest that invites children ages 5 to 12 years old to creatively colour graphics and also draw additional content to their fancy, and stand a chance to win prizes worth upwards of RM100, wholly sponsored by 5 Star Event and Faber Castell.

The second day is slated to host an Eco-Fashion Show, Eco-Friendly Workshop, and an inter-school recycling craft competition, co-organised with ULCC and jointly judged by Lion’s Club Ipoh Mandarin, pitting 10 groups of between 5-8 students, to construct models and/or sculptures made entirely from recycled materials. Judging from the vast talent from Go Green 2, organisers are expecting to see an even higher level of creativity this time around with a more imaginative use of materials and the possible combinations of them. Winners and runner-ups stand a chance to receive prizes in cash, trophies, and certificates, wholly sponsored by Lion’s Club of Ipoh Mandarin.

“Ipoh Parade wants to take the lead in communicating messages of eco-friendliness to the community, hence the beginnings of this initiative and the one prior. We believe that education and the increase of awareness to contemporary issues is an important factor for the cause, and what better method to engage with future leaders than to interact with them in meaningful and rewarding ways? We really hope that our patrons would enjoy and receive value from this programme and that Ipoh Parade will continue to push this green initiative for years to come” highlighted Chan Yu Yin, Centre Manager, Ipoh Parade.

Activities for Ipoh Parade’s Go Green campaign are slated for April 19 and 20. Interested participants may sign up through their school to participate, and stay tuned to Ipoh Parade’s Facebook page ( to view regular updates.

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