The Haven Going Strong

Chief Executive Officer of The Haven Lakeside Residences, Peter Chan, was once dismissed as a fake and a dreamer when he broached the idea of building luxury condominiums in Ipoh. Peter was the butt of jokes and was severely ridiculed for harbouring such thoughts.

Despite much negativity surrounding Peter’s project, The Haven eventually transformed into what it is today, a heart-wrenching come-from-behind success story for the whole of Ipoh to see.

On his rocky path to success, Peter bagged numerous national and international accolades and awards, a testimony of his persistence, perseverance and single-mindedness to make good a promise. Peter’s accomplishment is definitely a deserving feather in his cap.

The Haven held an informal thanksgiving celebration at one of its halls on Saturday, June 14. It was dedicated to the hard-working staff, Peter’s business partners and his trusted associates who had remained by his side through thick and thin. It was also to celebrate the project’s conclusion, which was completed on schedule.

Incidentally, it was also an event to celebrate Peter Chan’s 65th birthday.

After four long years, The Haven is still growing strong with most of its condominium units sold. It too witnessed the inauguration of its own resort under the management of renowned Best Western International Inc, the world’s largest hotel chain.


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