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Not Your Ordinary Bath

Ipohites had an unusual treat at the Lost World of Tambun when more than 30 of them were given a bath in the Kepura Cave. Not your ordinary bath with soap and water but a sound bath, vibrating every cell in their bodies as they floated on a cloud of musical resonance created by Anne Huxtable, a sound healer of extraordinary talent.

For those who missed Anne at Kepura Cave, another magical experience is in store, this time in the Banjaran Hotspring Retreat where an even more elaborate sound ‘Bath’ will be held in their meditation cave followed by a creative 3-course candlelit dinner at The Pomelo restaurant.

Western science has proven what ancient traditions have known for centuries: sound has the power to heal. Holistic medical doctors like Dr Andrew Weil have integrated it into their practice for years and within the last three decades, the resurgence of various forms of sound healing has produced remarkable results. Sound, both as pure tones and as music, has been found to positively affect an astonishing array of physiological and psychological parameters. Among these are the equalization of brain waves, increasing the depth of breathing, slowing heartbeat and pulse, lowering blood pressure, reducing muscle tension, raising body temperature, increasing circulation and endorphin production, boosting immune function, improving memory and learning, decreasing clerical error, increasing endurance and productivity, strengthening digestion, decreasing depression and many other ailments and conditions.

Using a range of crystal singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks, xylophone and voice, Anne brought her audience to blissful states of relaxation recently as she played the various instruments in a solo concert lending extra power and magic with her voice, not in singing but in a technique called toning. Dr Shan Narayanan, a pediatrician who was there, noticed the large fish in the aquarium in the cave which had been swimming around as normal before the sound bath, were all completely still during and after the sound bath.

Anne, an Australian and resident of Ipoh, has only recently returned from further studying sound therapy at the Globe Sound and Consciousness Institute in San Francisco and harmonic overtone singing in Australia. Her sound healing work includes toning, playing crystal singing bowls and using tuning forks. Soon at the Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat.

Take advantage of this rare occasion now.

Limited seats! October 3, 6pm: RM180++ per person.

For booking reservation contact: The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat at 05 210 7777.

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