BRT — The Gentle Path to Wellness


By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

Remember Dr McCoy in the hit series Star Trek with his machines that can diagnose and treat all the people on the Starship Enterprise? Just a zap and up they go, healed and whole again. That was science fiction or was it? Medicine just got exciting and thanks to German and  Russian scientists, the future has arrived in Ipoh.

This groundbreaking medical technology is using electromagnetic vibration to diagnose and heal without side effects yet with pinpoint precision. It is known as Bioresonance Therapy or BRT for short. It is painless and most relaxing. I can vouch for this, having had 8 sessions of this therapy. (More on my personal experience in the next issue – IE182.)

Bioresonance is a therapy that addresses a person’s imbalances in the body caused by irritants, toxins, pathogens and environmental pollutants. The objective is to activate the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself. The BICOM®  (BIO-ogical COM-puter) device, a German-made machine, is the world’s leading device in providing bioresonance treatments. Its use is already very common in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Just in Germany alone, there are more than 7000 practitioners, the majority of whom have orthodox medical training as well. In China, bioresonance therapy is used in most children’s hospitals. In Australia it is used as a complementary treatment to conventional medicine. President Putin of Russia uses it and the Department of Health in Russia has approved it for wide use across their nation, as does the Russian space programme for their cosmonauts.

BICOM Therapy is a biophysical technique based on concepts of acupuncture, homeopathy and quantum physics. Most orthodox and complementary medicine use chemicals (pharmaceuticals or herbs) to alter the body’s biochemistry. Often times this is akin to using a cannon to kill a mouse.

However, biophysics research in Germany, British and American universities have shown that living organisms generate tiny electromagnetic fields which naturally regulate their biochemistry and that these can be used for a drug-free and non-invasive therapy.

The therapist uses the BICOM instrument to pick up electromagnetic waves from the patient, modifies them and sends them back to improve the body’s ability to regulate its own physiological processes. Although it can treat all kinds of diseases BICOM Therapy is best known for success with allergic and chronic diseases.

With over 12,000 BICOM devices sold worldwide there are now many alternative practitioners who are treating people on a daily basis with conditions such as hay fever, allergies, digestive and skin problems, autoimmune diseases, diabetes support, hypertension, along with many other conditions.

Parasites have been known to cause many of the conditions we experience. Bioresonance has been able to eliminate these invaders without drugs. Cancer patients have been treated along with conventional treatment with ground breaking results.

A study done by the The Asthma Research Center of Jinan Children’s Hospital in China in 2003, to treat 415 children suffering from asthma, 300 of whom were treated with  desensitization therapy using the BICOM device, showed a total effectiveness rate as high as 93.3 per cent while the Allergy Department of the same hospital study of 79 cases of allergic skin diseases showed a cure rate of 74.7 per cent and an efficacy rate (significant effect) of 89.9 per cent .

Bioresonance, by its very nature of reducing toxic strains in our bodies, also treats symptoms such as headaches, bloating and inflammation in the small and large intestine, dental problems, joint pain and fatigue.

Weight loss is an added benefit of BICOM Bioresonance Therapy as reducing the toxic load in the body naturally speeds weight loss and increases energy. An Anti-Smoking programme is also available and is based on the allergy inversion method of bioresonance treatment. They use acupressure points in the body to help detoxification and stop cravings.

Although people may present with similar symptoms, all BICOM Bioresonance Therapy treatments are individualised to each person and generally a few treatments are recommended to help complete detoxification.

BICOM Bioresonance Therapy (BRT) has been tested and approved throughout Europe and Canada, and it is in use in 85 countries worldwide. In Germany, where it was developed by Regumed, BRT has been in use for over 25 years.

Now available in Ipoh, the BICOM treatments are given by trained therapists at the Oasis of Hope centre, a branch of the same name from Singapore, situated conveniently in the Greentown Business Centre at:  A-2-01A Second Floor, Wisma MFCB, #1 Persiaran Greentown 2, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Tel: +605 2415 122.  URL: www. and email:

Next issue IE182: SeeFoon’s Personal Experience with Bioresonance using BICOM in Ipoh

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