Jasemin’s Remedy for Broken Hearts

“What! And I cried a river over that guy?” This is the reaction Jasemin Sibo is trying to get out of her readers with her debut book, “Epiphany!: A Collection of True Tragic Turned Candid Love Stories”.

What started out as a therapeutic means of getting over a relationship soon showed Jasemin that she was not alone in experiencing the ups and downs of a breakup.

Jasemin’s “Epiphany!” is a recollection of a 10-year worth of past encounters with different types of men. It also features stories from various contributors around the world.

The main purpose of the book, according to Jasemin, was to enlighten the hearts of readers and to reflect upon their own botched relationships.

In her book, Ipoh-born Jasemin described herself as “a quirky thespian who enjoys enlightening the hearts of those who have suffered through a botched relationship.” She also considers herself a travelling nomad and calls the world her home.

When asked how she felt about being an international author, she responded, “It feels totally surreal. Never would I imagine myself being in this position. It was never planned, an opportunity just presented itself. Carpe diem.”

Banker-turned-writer, Jasemin explained that she never once thought her book would be selected by an international publisher such as Penguin Random House. Her hope for young girls out there is to follow their passion and never to give up on their dreams.

Currently, Jasemin is working on her second book and also planning a book launch in her beloved hometown, Ipoh.

“Epiphany!” is available on Amazon worldwide and in major bookstores in Malaysia. The book is also reportedly sold in Asia via Amazon.


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