PPCS Charity Fair Raises Funds

A great sense of community was felt at the Perak Palliative Care Society’s (PPCS) charity food fair. Patrons and supporters were generous in buying food coupons to acquire all the famed food delicacies of Ipoh. A lively crowd sustained a great cause.

The fair was held at the care centre along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, Ipoh. There was a wide variety of food to tempt visitors ranging from cakes, jellies, noodles, vegetables and fruits. Coupons were used to purchase items at the fair.

“This charity food fair is our biggest event. We try our best to organise it every year,” said volunteer Lim Lay Har to Ipoh Echo.

Food was not the only item available; clothes, accessories and books were also sold to the public. Patchwork crafts made by the centre’s patchwork gang were on sale. The gang consists of craft-addicts who support PPCS’s efforts in giving free services to the terminally-ill patients of the centre.

The Perak Palliative Care Society provides comfort and relief of symptoms to people with life threatening illness irrespective of age, race or religion. Established in 1995, the Home Care Programme focuses on terminally ill people. A team of doctors, nurses and trained volunteers provide medical equipment on loan.

“We’ve our own medical and support machines for cancer and kidney patients and those with critical health problems. All they need to do to avail themselves of the use of these machines is to register with the centre and we’ll do everything we can to help them,” Lim added.

PPCS is a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping those in need. The services provided are free. They offer bereavement support as well as advice on nursing care and pain control. However, medication, nursing and dressing fees would be borne by the patients.

The centre welcomes volunteers, especially those who are passionate about caring for the terminally ill. They will undergo a special training programme to prepare them for the tasks ahead.

Readers wishing for more information on PPCS’s activities can visit its official website or call the centre at 605 5464 732. Email

Ili Aqilah and Pamella

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