Tenby Schools Wins Best Brand in International Education

Tenby Schools was awarded Best Brand in International Education at the prestigious BrandLaureate Awards in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, 31 March 2015.

This award recognises Tenby Schools’ reputation for providing world class international education across Malaysia.

Accepting the award on behalf of Tenby Schools, CEO Alister Bartholomew said: “I am delighted that Tenby Schools has been recognised by the leading brand awarding body in this very competitive market. This award is dedicated to our committed staff across all five Tenby Schools, who continuously strive to build a better world through international and private education.

“We have ensured that while rapidly expanding our five campuses, soon to be seven, our brand has retained value for money and a high quality education experience with a mission for a united world at peace through education.

“We believe academic success alone does not guarantee success in life. Our programmes focus not only on the curricular but learning beyond the classrooms to develop leadership and organisational skills, as well as self-confident and creative people.”

The BrandLaureate BestBrands Awards is organised by the Asia Pacific Brands Foundation (APBF), a non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion and improvement of branding standards in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific.

In its eighth edition, The BrandLaureate SMEs’ BestBrands Awards 2014 honours the best of brands from the small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The winners are selected based on a 300-point selection criteria consisting of brand strategy, brand culture, integrated brand communications, brand equity and brand performance, with one winner selected from each category.

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