Forgive and Forget

The Taman Medan incident where the perpetrators forced  Christian believers to remove the cross is an ugly sight in the eyes of our laws. No person with a good frame of mind would have embarked on such an act.

Any damages performed against any religious belief is unforgivable. Let us leave it to the police to investigate the whole episode and deal accordingly within the stipulated laws. As Christians let us forgive and forget the wrong doers for it is written in the bible to pardon them with the spirit of love.

Here I must congratulate our Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak for his timely intervention to calm the situation. The way he handled the incident is very commendable. He acted in a tender manner without hurting anybody. He portrayed himself to be the people’s Prime Minister without looking at colour, creed and religion. A big kudos PM.

Another leader to be appreciated is none other than our Home Minister Dato’ Seri Dr Zahid Hamid. His prompt action and order to the police force to investigate the matter gained confidence among Malaysians at large.

The actions by both our top leaders have added an assurance to the freedom of worship which has been enshrined in our Malaysian Laws.

Let us not disturb the peace of this nation. It is our duty to uphold the sovereignty.

James Ratnam
Christian Caring Community Centre, Bercham

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