Price Difference in Pharmacies

In good faith, I am offended with your author’s (A. Jeyaraj) article in issue 211 (May 1-15, 2015).

As owner of one of the pharmacies mentioned by him, it’s harder for me to make a living and has also affected 5 of my staff.

With the GST implementation, economy is already slow in Ipoh and everywhere else in our country.

I understand his concern about “medicine price control” but this is not a new issue. By mentioning my pharmacy will not resolved but only make it worst especially on my part. As a senior writer and author he should be more diplomatic and only mention using Pharmacy A, B, etc.

I think his actions are personal and unprofessional.

I really can’t take it positively and rationalized his action by naming my pharmacy.

As a citizen of Malaysia and taxpayer, to avoid more problems, I urge you to recall his articles from your publication including electronic media or printed medium.

Faisal Katran
Farmasi Manjoi, Owner and Pharmacist

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