Appeal for Cancellation

“Ipoh City Council has started billing ratepayers with its revised annual assessment rates before the deadline for filing of objections. The rates should only be approved after the July 10 deadline for objections,” said the Adun for Canning, Wong Kah Woh during a press conference on Friday, July 3 at the Perak DAP headquarters, Ipoh.

“It‘s not fair to issue notices based on the new rates before those affected have had a chance to file their objections,” he reasoned.

According to Wong, Perak DAP had received 424 complaints from residents affected by the rates hike. A resident from Taman Koperasi had his rates revised from RM445.50 to RM5,108.40 per year.

Wong visited the double-storey house. There were renovations made to the porch and back portion of the house but it did not warrant a 12-fold hike in rates.

Based on the complaints received, the majority was subjected to an increase of between RM70 to RM99, which represents a 50 to 99.99 per cent rise.

“RM70 may seem small to some, but it’s a burden to the lower-income group, especially with the implementation of GST and the recent petrol price hike,” he added.

Wong appealed to the new mayor, Dato’ Zamri Man, to either defer or cancel the exercise, as the hike is not helping to reduce the burden of Ipohites.


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