Raising Funds for Needy Students


In conjunction with its 120th anniversary, SMK Methodist (ACS) Ipoh organised a first-of-its-kind celebration with the theme “Bringing People, Food, Art and Culture Together” on Friday, July 24 till Sunday, July 26. Aimed at raising funds for needy students and the conservation of the iconic school, the three-day event consisted of a food and fun fair on the morning of the second day, a festival of performing arts and its workshop every evening.

During the eight black box performances in the evening, the audience was mesmerised by the swirls and twirls of a pair of Latin dancers with their routine entitled, ‘The Swinging Sixties’; the school’s very own adaptation of an excerpt from ‘Emily of Emerald Hill’ by Stella Kon; the cool contemporary ‘STOMP’ ala Ipoh style by a group of 15-year-olds; the graceful traditional Bharatanatyam dance; the funky reggae band, One Drop, full of Bob Marley wannabes; a specially choreographed Bollywood number, which was a fusion of different dances from different regions of India; and a harmonious dance form entitled ‘Poetry in Motion’ in which the tough martial art movements were woven into a tapestry of creative dance.

In addition, there were three performing arts workshops which included an ‘Improvisation on Stage’ handled by budding Malaysian actor Xavier Fong; a ‘Modern Pop Singing’ taught by Jovean Yee; and ‘Stand Up Comedy’ facilitated by Cheah Tong Kim. It also featured a 40-minute show choir with well-known Ipoh and KL-based soloists.

People from all walks of life spent their weekend at the Ipoh’s oldest school to immerse themselves in music, dance, theatre and good food and a good time was had by all.

Mei Kuan

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