Taman Cempaka – An Aedes Hotspot

The State Health Department carried out a cleaning campaign to clear areas identified as aedes hotspots in Taman Cempaka on Monday, July 27.

During the day-long operation, owners of abandoned lots and houses were issued with compound notices. Similar actions were taken against house owners whose properties were being classified as mosquito-breeding grounds.

Taman Cempaka, incidentally, is among the most dengue-prone areas in the country, thus efforts at eradication are being undertaken seriously.

The cleaning-up operation involved over 400 staff from various public and voluntary agencies. Unfortunately, the participation of residents was non-existent. The apathy among residents of Taman Cempaka was simply too glaring. A gotong-royong effort by Ipoh City Council last month was a complete disaster when hardly anyone turned up except for the Council workers.

According to Dato’ Dr Mah Hang Soon, Executive Councillor for Health, Transportation and Non-Islamic Affairs, Kampung Dato Ahmad Said in Manjoi was taken off the dengue-hot spot list on July 19.

“Kampung Dato Ahmad Said is no longer on the danger list following the success of gotong-royong activities. The number of dengue cases too has declined,” he told reporters. Mah praised the attitude of the residents there.

The task force, said Mah, is currently focusing on Taman Cempaka and other affected areas. His only regret is the attitude of residents who are not too concerned for the well-being of their housing estates or even themselves for that matter.


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