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Michelle’s Noodles are Offally Good

By SeeFoon Chan-Koppen

Hankering for a bowl of fresh cooked noodles or congee? Then look no further than Michelle’s Noodles. Michelle’s stall which used to be diagonally opposite Citrus Wine and Dine, is now set up at Laluan Perajurit 1, a few shop lots before Crab House.

Pig offal lovers can rejoice as Michelle’s specialties revolve around innards. Not only does she offer up the cleanest, freshest pig kidneys I have ever tasted anywhere but most of the offal from a pig is here, from liver, to intestines, to tripe. Given that organ meat is touted to be healthier than regular meat, Michelle’s is the stall I go to when I have the urge for some innards.

Each bowl of noodles or congee is freshly cooked bowl-by-bowl and one can choose amongst a plethora of ingredients which are pre-prepared as is the stock which Michelle cooks fresh every day, starting from when her stall closes, for a total of six hours! As she lives just across the road from the restaurant, that is not an issue for her. Using only pork bones and ikan bilis (dried whitebait) the stock is the foundation upon which all her noodles and congee rests.

Non offal lovers too are well catered for as Michelle has homemade fish paste, fish slices, jelly fish, prawns, fish slices and other seafood. Her ham-choi (pickled cabbage) soup or Tom Yam is tangy and well worth sampling as is her post-partum specialty, the Yuet Por Fun of rice wine with offal, meat and the traditional egg and ginger omelette redolent with sesame fragrance – RM7.50.

She serves the special Pig’s tripe soup with chicken laced with an abundance of black pepper on Wednesdays and Sundays RM8. And for those with a simple palate, her bowl of Century egg and Lean pork beckons at RM4.50.

Mixed offal soup goes for RM6.50Fish slices RM7.50 (fish is very fresh) and the Seafood soup is RM6.50. Noodle choices include ‘lo shu fun’ the drop rice noodles and of course the usual egg noodles, rice noodles, rice vermicelli, yellow noodles and even bean thread noodles. Portions are extremely large and even our group of big eaters found ourselves struggling to finish the bowl. Do go early though as she runs out of ingredients quite early in the morning. Her congee in particular is very popular and runs out by 11am.

Restaurant Tuck Koh
26, Laluan Perajurit 1
Taman Ipoh Timor
Michelle Chai: 016 501 3639
7.00am-2.00pm closed Thursdays
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