Mother Teresa’s Reading Shelter Enters Sixth Year

Mother Teresa’s Reading Shelter (MTRS) celebrated its 6th anniversary recently and Dr J. Anantham, Director of MTRS, said that the gathering was to appreciate the supporters. The goal of MTRS is to reach out to the educationally deprived children and to let them know that their welfare is not forgotten.

Dr Anantham said that the problem is getting the children to come to the centre. There are many factors that make it difficult or prevent the child from coming to the centre. Parents and those entrusted with the care of these children are to a large extent responsible for this. Parents and people running welfare homes come to the centre and take the children away from the class to do other work for them. The children are deprived of their rights.

The kindergarten children displayed their talents during the celebration by dressing up as famous personalities. The primary school children sang the song ‘This old man’, while secondary school children sang ‘I have a dream’. If given the opportunity, these underprivileged children progress in life. It is only during this type of functions that the children can show their talents.

A charity lunch, organised earlier in the year raised a sum of RM15,000.

The Shelter needs volunteers and sponsors to carry out its activities. For further details call 05 241 0751.

A. Jeyaraj


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