Not the First Perak Caveman

Re the article “Historian with a passion” in IE 221, and the cave skeleton at Phin Soon estate Sg Siput, it was not “the first Perak caveman”, as human bones had already been found in Gua Kerbau in Perak in 1926/27.

At Sg Siput it was actually 3 human skeletons that were found during archaeological digs between 1935-36. There were also some secondary burials. They were found in a rock shelter named Gol Ba’it. However it is not clear where Gol Ba’it is, it is probably in the hill to the south of the cave temple in the Phin Soon estate.

I recently visited the cave temple, Gua Sri Shiva Shanmugar. We were told that a skeleton had been found in the cave, but no one knew any details.

Liz Price

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