Sharmila’s Yoga for Babies

The busy life and hectic schedules made Sharmila Raj, 36, wonder if she will ever be able to live  a positive and healthy lifestyle. That was when she discovered yoga and what made it more special was getting her children involved; something she looks forward to regularly.

“I decided to practise my yoga in their presence and I noticed how much they liked the postures and were trying to do it by themselves or would just lean towards me for comfort. This is where I got the idea to conduct yoga classes for moms and their toddlers,” said Sharmila.

Being a working mother herself, she can relate to mothers who are struggling to juggle their working and personal life. Sharmila believed that the bond between mums and children is special and yoga is one of the ways to preserve the beautiful relationship.

“Some parents are too busy with their work that their children may suffer lack of attention. The mummy and baby (toddler) yoga class will give both of them the much needed time together and will directly build a healthy relationship,” added Sharmila.

The yoga class includes a bonding session with your children where they get to do the yoga posture with or near their mothers. During the class, mothers are also expected to attend the needs of their babies, including feeding, changing, holding and many more.

“With the support of other participants of the class, the mother will be able to develop a balance between doing yoga for herself and meeting the needs of her baby,” said Sharmila.

For more information about the mummy and baby (toddler) yoga class, readers can contact Sharmila Raj at 016 521 0645. Aside from the class, Sharmila also conducts yoga classes for adults.

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