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Running on the theme “Love, Fun, Learn”, Tadika Celik Cemerlang was started by Indira Gandhi and Shuhaidawati Idayu in December last year at 49, Palma C/8, Seri Palma, Bandar Seri Botani, 31350 Ipoh.

“I worked as a kindergarten teacher for the past 13 years. I then decided to open one of my own. To date, we’ve nine local and international children aged three to six,” said Indira to Ipoh Echo. “The pureness of the heart radiating from the kids’ expression is what I enjoy most about teaching,” Shuhaidawati, 36, said. She has five years experience in the field.

The 4-classroom kindergarten, adorned with vividly coloured educational posters and handmade artwork, all done by the partners and their family, is a joyful place to be. The kindergarten can accommodate up to 40 kids.

Adopting a whole language and a phonics-based approach to teach reading to children, every classroom echoes with read-alouds which earned praises from the teachers. Each lesson is aimed at developing the pre-schoolers’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

“Teaching them gives me satisfaction and comfort. As everyone knows, the public tug-of-war with my estranged husband over custody of our three children means I cannot see my youngest child and I miss her very much. Plus, I have the passion in teaching all this while. I learn something new from these adorable young learners every day,” added Indira, a mother who was fighting for the custody of her three children when her estranged husband decided to convert to Islam, and in the process inducted their kids into the religion unilaterally. She has not seen her youngest child since the then 11-month-old infant was wrested from her arms. The Federal Court in a judgment passed on Friday, April 29 ordered the arrest of her ex-husband.

The kindergarten, operating from a rented unit at RM800 per month, is her sole source of income. When asked on the challenges faced in running the kindergarten, 41-year-old Indira replied, “In almost all residential areas there are kindergartens hence the competition is high. We hope more residents would send their kids here.”

Besides conducting lessons in Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin, their interactive Mikids Multimedia Teaching Programme also offers Science, Mathematics and Moral classes. The fee starts from RM190 per month. Day care is also available.

The centre opens daily except on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 12pm while day care extends until 5.30pm. For more details, contact Indira or Shuhaidawati at 010 222 9953 and 016 538 2615.

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