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College Students are Litterbugs

Thumbs Down

By A. Jeyaraj

On Sunday mornings I will park my car along Jalan Laxamana (next to Cosmopoint College) and go to UTC to pay my utility bills.

Whenever I get out of my car I notice that the drain along the road is filled with garbage. This place is only used by the college students and they must be the ones responsible for the rubbish.

If the students, who are going to be our future leaders, do not have any civic sense, what would their behaviour be in later life?

The students are not to be solely blamed because there are no dustbins around. The authorities should place dustbins in the area. Anyway, the students are mature enough to raise this matter with the relevant authorities.

Their lecturers must have seen this happening. Why don’t they take action? It is possible that the lecturers themselves are culpable?

Once in a while, Ipoh City Council cleans the drain but rubbish gets piled up very fast. I suggest the college organise a gotong royong and clean the surrounding areas, as part of its CSR (Community Social Responsibility) programme, on a regular basis. This will enable students and lecturers alike to be more civic minded.

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