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Creating with Plaster of Paris


The usage of plaster of paris is not confined to the medical and construction field only, it is applicable for creative art too. This is demonstrated by Yu Azman Hamid, 41, who creates his own impressions using materials not commonly used by artists in the country.

Yu Azman has 18 years of experience as a graphic designer in ceramic making.

“Perhaps I am among the first to create real-life art or sculpture using plaster of paris. I fall back on my experience and talent to create one-of-a-kind sculptures. My interest in real-life art began after following it on the internet. It’s very popular in the Ukraine. My first painting had a lotus motif and it sold after attracting much attention. This spurs me to create more,” he said at his studio in Taman Silibin.

Yu Azman studied model and mould creation at USM, Tronoh and UiTM Shah Alam from 1997 to 1998. Incidentally, he was a top graphic design student at Cosmopoint College, Ipoh in 2003.

Besides painting with natural motifs, he expands his repertoire by producing khat kufi (Arabic calligraphy) with the same material.

“I am attracted by the beauty of khat kufi. Before this, khat kufi is commonly done on canvas. I feel it’s better to use plaster of paris as it is more durable. Moreover, it’s a combination of textures. To date, I’ve created over 5000 khat kufi and the response is most encouraging. I receive a lot of orders for formal occasions,” he added.

Yu Azman emerged champion at a local ceramic art competition organised by the Perak State Development Corporation last December.

To nurture young talent he conducts free painting classes at an Ipoh-based religious school for the last five years. “I’m happy to share my knowledge with the students and anyone who has a passion for art. I hope my dream of owning my own gallery will materialise one day. My creations appeal to both locals and foreigners. Hopefully, someone out there can make my dream come true,” he enthused.

Those interested to know more can visit Yu Azman’s Facebook page at: YU Azman Hamid – Skill of Art.

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