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Illegal Dump Sites

Thumbs Down

At Bandar Cyber

An illegal dump site along Persiaran Lapangan Siber 4, Bandar Cyber next to Bandar Seri Botani, Simpang Pulai is causing much headache to residents of the housing estate. It is an ugly sight, especially for first-time visitors.

Ipoh City Council has, on a number of occasions, cleared the garbage but each time a cleaning is done, more rubbish are being dumped by the irresponsible. The main culprits are contractors tasked to dispose household and garden wastes. They find it a convenient dumping ground.

The problem is compounded by the presence of industrial shop lots across the said road. There are a couple of car repair shops in the row while some lots are being converted into mini godowns for the storage of goods and products. The stench emanating from the site is affecting those living nearby.

Residents want a permanent solution to the problem. Some suggest the area be sealed off with barb wires or concrete barriers. Remedial actions by Ipoh City Council are long overdue.


Next to Retention Pond

It looks like contractors are creating an illegal dumpsite along the river bund of Sungai Pari next to the retention pond in Merdeka Garden. Construction materials are dumped along a 20m stretch of the bund. Household furniture are also being discarded here. This is a secluded place with a big vacant area. The site can only be seen by people walking along the river bund or those going to the retention pond. Except for the security guard, no one visits the retention pond. There are signs that the dump materials are being burnt regularly. This is large scale dumping with culprits coming in lorries as there are no houses nearby for people to dump their rubbish here.

Residents who might have seen the lorries dumping the garbage would be scared to confront the drivers or complain to MBI. If they complain to MBI, their particulars would be given to the other party and they fear retribution. This is what happened to my complaint against the buffalo menace in front of my house. The contents of my letter was passed on to the owner of the buffalos. Luckily, he was a nice person and came to see me and said we could settle the problem amicably. If he had been nasty, he could have caused problems. I know of complainants who got into trouble this way.

I suggest that MBI install CCTV cameras to catch the culprits and take action. If no prompt action is taken it will become a permanent rubbish dump.

A. Jeyaraj

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