Mike Chu Chin Hong

Entering the Echo Personality alumni, Ipoh Echo met a hard working lad, Mike Chu Chin Hong, 27, who has been making money since he was 17 years old and is still hungry for more. This Ipohite, a graduate with a Degree in Animal Biology from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is currently the proud founder of not one but two companies in different fields, namely, PTT Technology and PTT Outdoor.

Beginning its operations early this year, PTT Technology was created by Mike to fulfil the demand of online exposure among businessmen in Ipoh where Mike and his team not only help in the development of websites but also in educating the clients into seeing bigger potential to expand their business.

“Au contraire to PTT Technology, PTT Outdoor is something close to my skin. Being an avid outdoor guy, I often find it hard for me to find good quality outdoor products online. I asked around among my peers and it seems that everyone has the same lament. That was when I decided it was time to create a Malaysian born brand of outdoor products in an online store for adrenaline junkies like me,” added Mike.

When asked why did he decide to start both PTTs in Ipoh, Mike believes that the demand is there and being an opportunist that he is, he decided to tap this market. It wasn’t a smooth sail at first for this former Ipoh Andersonian boy.

“I am going to be very real and say if you’re not ready for hardship, don’t start a business. It takes more than just passion to be successful and I’ve worked tremendously hard for it. Seeing another business grow with the help of PTT Technology and watch the person smile when they receive their orders via PTT Outdoor, is the fuel that keeps me running forward,” said Mike. He also thanked his friends and business associates for their tremendous amount of support, motivation and business advice.

While he currently has no other new project, Mike is currently playing around with the idea of organising a run in Ipoh to raise funds for the less fortunate and is currently in discussion with several parties including a hiking team in Nepal to have a fundraising hike for the needy in Malaysia. Gearing up for bigger opportunities in 2017, Mike have some words for those who are keen on following his tracks, “Always remember that failing is not a bad thing. Think of it as a lesson and chance to improve yourself. If you can see failure in a different light, the road will be less bumpy for you,” added Mike.

Readers can visit or contact Mike at 016 422 1018 for more details on PTT Outdoor and PTT Technology.

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