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How to Get Maximum Enjoyment from Watching Movies

“If you want to know what a filmmaker is saying, look at how he is saying it.” — Ingmar Bergman (Swedish Filmmaker).

Do you know what a movie director wants to tell you? Are you keen to know how a movie is made? Want to learn how to write a script? More importantly, do you want to be a good story teller?

If the above is a resounding yes, then please drop by and join Hassan Abd Muthalib who will guide you to understand how a good director creates film design through mise-en-scene, cinematography, editing and sound to effectively put across the film text as well as communicate what he actually intends through the film’s subtext.

The session is catered for the general public but is also useful for young people who intend to make art, design, film, animation, multimedia, photography, mass communication and advertising their career.

Hassan Abd Muthalib (Toko Seni and Bapak Animasi) is a former film director and animator whose writings appear in numerous international publications and has served on many international film festival juries.

Hassan Abd Muthalib was with Sharpened Word (SW) last August and he has agreed to come back and conduct a workshop on movies in Ipoh.

This is also the first workshop conducted by SW and if the response is good, Pak Hassan has agreed to conduct five more, as an extension to the first workshop so that we can get to learn as much about movie making and movie appreciation from a local legend.

Date:           Saturday 18 March 2017
Venue:        Old Andersonians’ Club, 932 Jalan Hospital, Ipoh.
Time:          9am to 12pm
Donation:   RM20/pax

For registration and further enquiries, please contact: Ms Sara (Perak Society of Performing Arts) at or Pak Peter 019 574 3572 (WhatsApp) or visit Facebook page:

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