Brainy Bunch Sports Day 2017

Brainy Bunch Preschool Perak held its sports day at the Industrial Training Institute, Ipoh field on Sunday, April 2. About 140 children, together with their parents were present.

Running on the theme “Transportation”, the march-past began with kids dressed up as mascots such as motorcycle, lorry and helicopter.

Brainy Bunch Preschool has three campuses in Perak, namely, Brainy Bunch Ipoh, Brainy Bunch Seri Iskandar and Brainy Bunch Seri Manjung. It currently has an enrolment of 146 children ranging from ages two to six.

Head of Brainy Bunch Preschool in Perak, Saidah Rosli, said that in order to raise happy and intelligent children, healthy eating habits must be observed to ensure their physical and mental development.

Brainy Bunch Preschool Perak

“Education isn’t all about academics. It also builds the character of children so that they’ll grow to be confident and capable of handling various challenges.

“This event wouldn’t have been possible without the support of parents and teachers of Brainy Bunch. Their unwavering support is the reason for our success,” said Saidah.

Ben, 35, a parent, said that the sports day was a unique experience for his child.

“I chose to send my child here as English is used as a medium of instruction, which is easy for my child to comprehend,” said Ben, who is from Australia.

The Australian father commented that the teachers at Brainy Bunch treat the children well, and the curriculum offered helped broaden his child’s horizons.

Brainy Bunch Preschool was established in 2009. To date, it has a total of 74 branches all over the country, with an enrolment of 5725 kids from Malaysia, Australia, Palestine, Singapore and Indonesia.

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