Food Bike a New Concept

A new business concept named ‘Food Bike’ will be introduced in Perak to help disabled people start their own businesses.

The business model, according to Izat Izwan Idzian, CEO of My Food Bike Sdn Bhd, is similar to a food truck but a purpose-built electric motorcycle is used instead.

Since it uses electricity, the business is not only eco-friendly, it is emission-free too.

“It’s a cafe on the wheels, selling hot and cold drinks and pastries at very affordable prices.

“We’ll work with the Perak Social Welfare Department to identify and shortlist suitable candidates. Potential candidates should be those with physical disabilities and those with learning and hearing difficulties,” he told reporters during a media conference held at the PORT (People of Remarkable Talent) building on Tuesday, April 18.

food bicycle for disabled

The motorcycle can travel at the maximum speed of 25km per hour. It runs on electricity provided by a lithium-ion battery and can travel a distance of 50km before recharging.

“The state government will purchase five units of this two-wheeler costing RM100,000. To date, CIMB Foundation has acquired five units making it 10, in all. The bikes will be delivered in July.

“In early May, a food bike will operate near Plan B and another near the Amanjaya roundabout in Meru. We’ll see the response from Ipohites.

“Incidentally, food bikes will be around during the Kuala Lumpur SEA Games in August,” he added.

My Food Bike Sdn Bhd will provide both operational and business-skill training to the operators.

“They need only buy the motorcycles and start their business. The rest is our responsibility,” Izat concluded.

Rosli Mansor

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