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Recent obesity statistics have rung alarm bells in Malaysia of late. We are now being known as Asia’s fatties, with heavyweights making up close to half of the population. Obesity has skyrocketed within the past 15-20 years. Lifestyles are just becoming overly-sedentary. Diabetes is on the rise and cholesterol levels have spiked. Along with these issues, come the hidden ills of depression and stress. But all is not lost if we mend our ways.

Suraya Eland Yusoff an ACHPER Certified Instructor of Australian/Malaysian heritage, and Founder of Ipoh’s premier gym, Sculpt Fitness, believes that with more educated choices, things can change. From graduating as a Designer, to becoming a mother and housewife, to blooming into successful entrepreneur, she believes that with determination, anything can be possible. We need to be constantly learning and improving ourselves. “Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer, and both went on to overcome their situation and to lead healthy, fruitful lives. Till today, my Dad is up at 5am for his Power Walks!” Combined with better food choices and reduced calorie intake, exercise has a long list of health and psychological benefits that make it an essential activity.

“You can start out with improving your daily lifestyle. Walk around whilst on the phone, use the staircase more, play outdoors with your pet/grandchild…and the list goes on. Positive changes can be made to your diet without being extreme. If you love coffee, maybe switch over to skim milk, and cut the sugar. With regards to carbs, consider switching over to whole grain pasta, and brown rice. Ultimately it’s about making healthier choices within the parameters of your own life,” enthused Suraya.

The results can be amazing as evidenced by Suraya’s healthier lifestyle, and her desire to change people’s lives for the better was what ultimately paved the way for Sculpt Fitness.

“We do not stop exercising because we get old, we get old because we stop exercising,” says Dr Kenneth Cooper. This is the absolute truth. Keep moving. However in Malaysia, it can be insanely challenging to stick to a disciplined exercise programme outdoors when the weather can range from being scorchingly hot, to sopping wet, and that’s not even taking into consideration our annual haze woes. This is where gyms come into the picture.

Creating a centre which was big enough to be well-equipped, but not so big that it would become impersonal and commercial, with a dedicated team of enthusiastic instructors to guide the way became Suraya’s goal. Thus was born Sculpt Fitness, an attractive stand-alone boutique style gym which houses Perak’s broadest range of group fitness classes which range from TRX, Piloxing, Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Cardiodance, KPOP, FIT HIIT, Tabata, BnG, Spinning, Tone Zone and more. Variety is the key, prompting members to love what they do!  A fully equipped gym graces the ground floor, whilst three generous studios dominate the upstairs. Ample private parking is available within the the grounds.

“Banish the excuses and make fitness the best part of your life! If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves” admonishes Suraya.

Currently Sculpt Fitness is having  a Raya Promo Package, “A Gift of Health is a Gift of Love”.

And for those who want to shape up fast “The 6 Week Challenge”, is an intense result-oriented programme which will be launched on the July 3.

Sculpt Fitness
No. 4, Lebuh Ceylon, 30350 Ipoh, Perak. Tel.: 05 254 6232
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