In the light of the beautiful month of Ramadan, Zeti Suhaila Mustafa and her friends continued their annual charity affair where they distributed packs of food to the homeless or anyone who was in need of meals.

This has been seven years in a row for Zeti to spend her Ramadan this way and she hopes to encourage more members of the public to join her, “Not many people are as fortunate as us. Therefore, it is our responsible to help them out. This project started back in 2011 and we hope  to continue it again next year,” said Zeti.

Zeti also added that it has been known to many that during Ramadan, the spirit of generosity is most felt to help the needy, the orphans and the homeless. Although Ipoh doesn’t have as many homeless individuals like in Kuala Lumpur, help must still be given to them as some of them are struggling to survive daily.

“When we first started, it was just me and a few of my friends doing everything. But now, things have changed. We receive enquiries from both big and small companies who want to donate and also from college students who are eager to be volunteers,” added Zeti.

After Ramadan, Zeti and her team will go back to their routine: opening up a pop-up soup kitchen at Dato’ Sagor Food Court every two weeks where it opens for everyone who are in need of hot meals, pre-loved clothes and more. Readers who are keen to join Zeti please check out their instagram at for more information.

Ili Aqilah


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