One Man’s Diary on Life

Koh Chye HockInsightful, meditative and provocative, “The Chronicler: One Man’s Diary on Life” delves into the mind of Koh Chye Hock. With 35 years of deep and purposeful contemplation on his own life as well as those of others, Chye Hock opens the window to his mind and distils what he believes constitutes a purposeful, meaningful life.

His first book contains a rich array of aphorisms on all manner of topics, from feelings and emotions to happiness and health. These succinct 225 aphorisms will leave you deep in thought for days. My favourites which resonate with me being “Of all the human values, it is the value of gratitude that I value the highest”, “The right and privilege a child has is the assurance of the love of his parents” and “A man who takes no position, espouses no cause, and lives without scruples is a man without principle and character”.

The self-help cum philosophy book was launched simultaneously in Malaysia and Singapore on August 25. Ipohites were in for a treat as the big day was held at the Ritz Garden Hotel with the presence of the amiable author, his family, dignitaries and people in the arts from Malaysia as well as Singapore. Plus, they were entitled to an exclusive 10% discount during the launch.

Coming from a life shaped by extremities of experience, he grew up as an orphan in 1960s and 1970s Ipoh and studied in the United States and the United Kingdom in the 1980s. Here is his one precious advice for others sharing similar scenario who are also trying to make it: “There is no secret to success in life.  The most important thing a person must have is character. Character encompasses all the important values a decent and successful person must have: trustworthiness, diligence, dependability, competence, determination, gratitude and a noble aspiration. ‘A great deal about life is how to be honest with yourself and fair to others’ (entry no. 4 in the Chapter on Life). More importantly be able to connect with people who may be able to help you: ‘A good person is more easily won by truth and sincerity than by falsehoods and misrepresentations’ (entry no. 4 in the Chapter on Character).”

Readers will find the many issues discussed in this book not merely enlightening but practical too as you will be able to apply them in daily life.

Hailing from Ipoh, Chye Hock lives in Singapore with his wife Filona and their son Corey. Specialising in oil and gas law and working for an American multinational oil company, he continues to keep a journal as he travels half the world for his work.

Published by MPH, “The Chronicler: One Man’s Diary on Life” is available in all major bookstores in Malaysia with an affordable price tag of RM29.90 for paperback.

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