LIFE Campaign by DOSH

Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) together with OTIS Elevator Company organised a special campaign on the safety of using lifts and escalators (LIFE) at Angsana Mall on October 15.

DOSH took the much needed initiative where they urged the public to always be careful while using lifts and escalators, especially when there are kids. The programme was launched by the deputy chairman for state Human Resources, Youth and Sports, Azenil Ibrahim.

“We hope the public won’t do any vandalism towards all the facilities such as removing the buttons on the lifts and more. Everyone needs to take care of all public facilities like they are their own. Parents also need to educate their children about lifts and escalators,” added Azenil.

With the numerous cases reported on the faults and dysfunction of these facilities, Azenil also added that all landowners must make sure they have gotten the official CF (Certificate of Fitness) given by DOSH before allowing public access.

According to recent statistics, over 61,275 units of lifts and 12,312 units of escalators are registered with DOSH. Of these, 1383 lifts and 408 escalators are registered in Perak.

Together with Azenil were the director of DOSH Perak, Ir Mohd Hatta Zakaria and Head of Operation of Angsana Mall, Bahrin Md Saman, attended the event.

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