Efforts to Honour Veterans

“The 74 veterans present today were injured during operations in Perak. Most are retired except for two. Many of them sustained leg injuries that required amputation,” said Brig-Gen Datuk Mohd Nizam bin Hj Jaffar, Commander 2nd Malaysian Infantry to ipoh Echo.

Brig-Gen Datuk Mohd Nizam bin Hj Jaffar, Commander 2nd Malaysian InfantryThe brigade-level event honouring the wounded was held on Saturday, October 28 at the commander’s official residence along Thompson Road, Ipoh.

“This is part of the Warriors’ Day celebration, thus we need to remind them that they’re still in our minds. Without them where would we be?” he pointed out.

According to Nizam, a WhatsApp group was created to keep them within the loop. The Department of Veterans Affairs maintain their records and contact details.

“Some of them shy away from society and we don’t want that to happen. This is the objective of this outreach programme. We want them to know that they’re still relevant and we’re here to help them the best we can. We help to build and repair houses for these veterans and assist in their children’s education too. I hope Ipoh Echo can help to propagate this,” he added.

“Since February, we’ve organised numerous campaigns throughout Perak to encourage veterans to return to society. This is an on-going effort and it’s my responsibility to see it through,” the commander concluded.

Present was Captain (Rtd) Roslan bin Mohd Din, chairman of the Perak Disabled Veterans Club. “Presently, the club has 73 members (65 retirees and 8 widows). It was established in August 2009.”

The Warriors’ Day celebration has been extended to schools as part of the government’s effort to instil patriotism in students.

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