MBO Cinemas Opens in Ipoh

MBO Cinemas expands by making its way to being the first in Ipoh. The cinema, which began operating since December 23, is situated in AEON Midtown Falim, Ipoh. Investing over RM14 million, this is MBO’s 27th outlet in the country.

Apart from being the first MBO cinema in Ipoh, they also feature two unique viewing concepts, Kecil and Big Screen, which are both introduced for the first time in the city. Kecil is special as it is meant for family and children. The hall is divided into three tiers, which are the couple seat sofa bed, beanie seats for kids and normal seats.

It is also equipped with an in-hall built in playground for kids to enjoy anytime during the movie, a diaper changing room for easy access and softer audio and brighter lights so parents can still monitor their children in the midst of watching a movie. There is also a playground outside the hall, which is open to the public.

“Ipoh is the third outlet where we’ve introduced Kecil. The first two are in Damansara Uptown and Kuantan. There will be more to come in other outlets all over Malaysia. It’s usually our best-selling hall, especially during birthday parties as it can accommodate up to 70 seats. Besides, the tickets are the same price as the standard ones,” remarked Cheah Chun Wai, Chief Operating Officer of MBO Cinemas.

MBO cinemasThe Big Screen, on the other hand, is perfect for avid movie goers as it has the largest screen in Ipoh (17m x 10m). It has 302 seats and is equipped with laser RGB projector, showcasing advanced image quality through outstanding brightness, high contrast and superior colour performance. The price, however, is extra RM4.50 from the standard hall ticket price.

There is also the Twin Hall, which is meant for couples. It costs RM22 for a seat. The Standard Halls emphasise spacious leg room and comfortable seats, even if they are in the front row. MBO Cinemas has a total of eight halls and 1169 seats altogether.

Kids below 1.1m tall watch movies for free if they do not require an individual seat. Also, anyone who is interested to join the MBO Cinemas membership are welcomed to register for free.

“We want to give Ipoh people an immersive experience when they visit MBO Falim and for that we have taken the extra effort to equip our cinema halls with only the best of what sound and visuals have to offer for maximum viewing pleasure. We hope Ipohites will appreciate this,” concluded Chun Wai.


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