Kinta Properties Shoots for the Moon

The Kinta Properties annual dinner saw the iconic LABpark in Bandar Baru Sri Klebang setting the scene for an evening of al fresco dining under a canopy of stars and sparkling fairy lights on Friday, February 9.

The over 300 attendees were in for a treat as they had the first look inside the experimental container park of lights, art and music with a Lunar New Year spin before it was unveiled to the public the following night. Plus, the space was spread out with food galore, crafted by the Dome Restaurant of Meru Valley Resort.

Running on the theme ‘Let’s Shoot for the Moon’, the lively affair kicked off with a traditional lion dance and mass prosperity toss.

Kinta Properties Shoots for the Moon

“Cypress, one of our recent home launches, was sold out within two months. Over Christmas, LABpark drew over 50,000 visitors. We continue to create value for our customers. Land in Klebang is now worth RM60 per square foot. In Meru, bungalow lots have been going at over RM100 a square foot. Our recent development, EcoVillage, set a benchmark price for condos at just over RM600 per square foot,” highlighted Dato’ Lim Si Boon, the chairman of Kinta Properties and Bonanza Venture Holdings Sdn Bhd.

“Last year, we also entered a new venture by continuing the very proud legacy of Ban Hoe Seng’s Honda dealership and service. We set a new sales record of 116 cars in the month of December and remain an elite dealer amongst the 90 Honda dealers in Malaysia,” he pointed out.

Kinta Properties Shoots for the Moon

“Besides that, we achieved many successes in our corporate social businesses. Ipoh Echo continues to be the community’s leading news portal under the leadership of SeeFoon and Fathol. IpohWorld under the leadership of Ian Anderson remains the top attraction in Ipoh and has even been featured in the South China Morning Post,” Lim explained.

“Last but not least, Meru Valley hosted heads of states, including the former president of Ecuador, and named the most improved golf course in Malaysia. All this was done under the leadership of the late Christian Bock and his team. One of the things that he lived by was if you do something, you do it well. We will not forget him,” he added following a minute of silence in memory of Christian.


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