MBI is Creating Illegal Dumpsites

I refer to the editorial “A cat and mouse game” (Ipoh Echo, March 1-15, 2018) issue. On one hand MBI is clearing illegal dumpsites and on the other hand MBI workers are creating illegal dumpsites. There is no schedule for cleaning of drains and only when a resident complains, the drain in front of his house is cleaned. The rubbish is piled next to the road in front of the complainant’s house. This is the standard practice.

After a few telephone calls, the drain in front of my mother’s house in Jalan Kinta was cleaned about three weeks ago. The rubbish was piled next to the road. The rubbish dumped during previous drain cleaning is still lying around the tree trunk and can be noticed. People have started to throw garbage at this site.

There was a supervisor overseeing the work and he is aware of the rubbish piled next to the road and has not done anything to remove it. This rubbish would not be collected until you make a few calls to MBI.

The drain on the other side of the road is also clogged, but no action will be taken until the resident complains.

Why can’t MBI train its staff to do a complete job?

A. Jeyaraj

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