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Spicy Hotpot

Such a simple no fuss meal…. And it is all written out in the menu. First order your spicy claypot. Choose from chicken, RM24.90/RM32.90; lamb RM29.90/37.90; pork ribs RM26.90/RM34.90; prawns RM34.90 or Garoupa fish head RM34.90Add RM8.00 for fish slices. Specify your degree of spiciness whether you like it non spicy or slightly, medium or very spicy. Enjoy your first hot pot then ask for the stock which can be normal soup or spicy. One hotpot is more than enough for 2-3 people, factoring in the steamboat later.

Spicy Hotpot

Spicy Hotpot

Spicy HotpotMeanwhile, go to the fridge in the front and take your pick of vegetables, tofu, mushrooms and meat (sliced pork 6/10/15 slices RM7.90/10.90/RM14.90; Australian lamb RM11.90/14.90/18.90; chicken RM5.90/8.90/12.90 and meatballs) or fish (scallop on the half shell, squid, clams, etc.). Then dunk these in to the now simmering broth in your claypot and enjoy your steamboat at leisure.

What a novel concept in dining in this unpretentious restaurant in Festival Walk!

I particularly enjoyed the fish head hot pot with the fish head being very fresh and afterwards tipping in thinly sliced pork, oodles of noodles (large choice) tofu and mushrooms, slurping up the soup and I was one happy camper.

Spicy Hotpot
No 2-10, Festival Walk, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1, Medan Ipoh Bestari, 31400 Ipoh.
Tel:  05 541 7260
Business Hours: 12pm-11pm. Open 24/7.

Spicy Hotpot

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