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New Menu at Dome

A new menu is wowing diners at the Dome in Meru Valley Resort. Executive Chef Desmond and his team have been burning the midnight oil in not only producing the nightly Buka Puasa spread which I’m convinced is the best in Ipoh but also in coming out with a new menu which will surely delight guests especially over the coming Raya celebrations and beyond.

Dome, Meru Valley Resort Ipoh
Dome, Meru Valley Resort Ipoh

Here are some of the new dishes on offer and ones I would highly recommend.

Pssst…their potato wedges are the crispiest in Ipoh!

Dome, Meru Valley Resort Ipoh

Dome Restaurant
Jalan Bukit Meru, Meru Valley Resort, Jelapang, 30020 Ipoh.
Tel.: 05 529 3300.
Business Hours:
Monday: 11am-9pm; Tuesday-Friday: 11am-10pm
Weekends & Public Holidays: 7am-11pm

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