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Perak Community Specialist Hospital (PCSH) sent their physiotherapists to Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Seri Bahagia, Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah (formerly Gopeng road), on May 26, to offer physiotherapy to the needy ones. The physiotherapists succeeded in giving treatments to five patients on that particular day.

As we age, our body inevitably goes through many physical changes. These natural age-related changes include reduced bone density, reduced muscle strength, increased body fat, poorer coordination and stiff joints. However, physiotherapy has been shown to improve many of the factors associated with ageing including strength, balance, coordination, flexibility and pain levels.

The session included soft tissue manipulation for muscle tightness, pain relief management using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) on the old folks’ knees and also lower back pain. Not only that, the old folks were also taught strengthening exercises for lower and upper limbs by using cycling paddles and active assisted exercise.

The Chief Executive Officer of PCSH, Nicholas Chan hopes that these physiotherapy sessions, which will take place once in a month at the Persatuan Kebajikan Warga Tua Seri Bahagia, will encourage the old folks to actively engage in regular physical activities. Old folks who lack exercise will find themselves affected by muscle stiffness in the long run. These physical activities will improve their balance, strength, coordination, motor control, flexibility and even memory.

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