Perak Tourism Master Plan

Despite receiving the highest number of domestic tourists for three consecutive years, the Executive Councillor for Tourism, Art and Culture, Tan Kar Hing believes that more need to be done to further improve Perak’s tourism and art scene.

During the annual Tourism Perak’s breaking-of-fast dinner with media practitioners held at Heritage Hotel, Ipoh on Tuesday, June 5, Tan announced plans to review tourism infrastructures and existing facilities, including ongoing upgrades of Perak’s touristic hotspots.

“A complete audit will be done on contractors and tourist agencies to ensure all concerned are carrying out their duties truthfully. Perak has many potentials in the tourism sector, hence why we’ll be launching the Perak Tourism Master Plan soon,” said Tan.

The plan is based on four crucial elements; Creativity, Identity, Diversity and Sustainability. According to Tan, this idea was built to create a more holistic and organised approach into making Perak the best in the tourism sector. The department will establish a Creative Tourism Fund with the expressed aim of finding creative and innovative talents that will help promote Perak’s tourism.

“Aside from the fund, we’re working to diversify the sector by creating fair-shake opportunities so districts can be promoted fairly,” Tan added.

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