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A total of 15 students between 14 and 18 years of age participated in the Brightwings Teen Leadership Course held at Meru Valley Resort. The seven-day training programme, aimed to give teenagers the mindset, skills and the action plan to successfully start their career and life after education, concluded on Sunday, August 26 with presentations and graduation session.

“It’s good for teenagers because the leadership course covers a lot of topics. My son enjoyed it from day one as he learnt things which are out of the box and not acquired in school. He found out about the course through the Ipoh Echo and then I read up about it via Facebook. I would be glad to send him to similar courses like this in the future,” Wendy Woo, mother of 15-year-old Bryan Chan, enthused.

“I find it very helpful especially in Ipoh where we don’t get much exposure. It’s good to build up children’s confidence and presentation skills. I learned about the leadership course when Dr Camille spoke at a parent session in Tenby Schools where my daughter studies,” Kamini, mother of 15-year-old Saasmita, shared.

Pravin Saraspathy attended the course on a Datin Teoh Phaik Lean Scholarship. “As a university student coming to this course, I actually was thinking a lot about career and employability skills. When we were in this course, we learnt why people are unemployed even though they have good degrees from good universities. For instance in communication, they taught us public speaking, spontaneous speaking, how to present ourselves in interviews and networking,” he highlighted during his speech in the team presentations.

“We had a fantastic group of students who made strong efforts and made really visible improvements – whilst having a great time and a lot of fun. We were really inspired by the results,” Dr Camille Koppen, CEO and co-founder of Brightwings told Ipoh Echo.

Over the past decade, Dr Camille has worked as a management consultant in London for global organisations. Prior to that, she graduated with a first class and PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford.

Brightwings Education helps students to discover their strengths and direction and prepares them for their career and life. It runs training programmes in Singapore, Malaysia and the UK (Oxford University) for students between the ages of 14-25.

To find out more, visit the Facebook page (@BrightwingsEducation), visit the website ( or email Dr Camille at


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