Medical Therapy That Does not Harm Your Wallet

A true veteran of the industry with a heritage of over 25 years, Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah (YSIS) strives to provide affordable yet highly professional treatment to patients of any race, religion, culture or age. In fact, the therapy charges start from ONLY RM30 per session with a FREE assessment. With the prepaid packages, patients are entitled to 1 Free-of-Charge (FOC) session for every 5 sessions purchased as well which is great value for money. The facility comes equipped with a whole slew of services including physiotherapy, hydrotherapy (Pool), occupational therapy, sensory stimulation therapy, speech therapy, pain management therapy, hippotherapy (Horse) and postoperative rehabilitation to cater to a broad spectrum of patients. Not to mention, the physiotherapy also includes a complimentary massage session on its newly-arrived thermal massage bed.

The facility is an avenue for effective rehabilitation and treatment that is second to none. At the fore, anyone affected by traumatic accidents or a congenital disease are prescribed a structured, comprehensive and scientific programme that aims to restore and facilitate function, mobility, motor skill learning and ultimately revitalize their body and allow them to live life normally again.

Other than the physical therapy services, there are also dedicated provisions for Special Needs kids. These include a day-care centre that offers either full or half-day care and supplementary therapies such as sensory stimulation therapy which is an effective modality used to stimulate the senses in either a dark room (for hyperactive kids) or a white room (for hypoactive kids). Fun fact: The rooms were installed by a scout group from Ireland back in 2008!

Alternatively, a playroom installed with desktop computers and an Xbox360 is also in service to provide entertainment and training for attention-span. There is also an outdoor “sensory garden” – a botanical area complete with many different types of plants and vegetation designed to stimulate senses as well.

Unlike other rehabilitation centres, this resort-like landmark is fully furnished and air-conditioned. Although they thrive only on simple donations, they give other physiotherapy clinics a run for their money by providing high-quality services at a rate that is reasonable and economical. Ample parking spaces and transportation services are available as well.

“Anyone with fractures to post-operation to other injuries can come for therapy,” said CEO cum Specialist Orthopaedic Consultant Dato’ Dr Ramanathan Ramiah, “We are open to the public and all are welcome’. Contact Yayasan Sultan Idris Shah at 05 548 1905, 548 6750, 548 4115.

Effective this January, their therapy services are available full day every Saturday from 8am to 5pm.

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