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Millennials and Their InstaGlam

Street photography, or more commonly known as candid photography, is a popular mode of photography among millennials. Street photography has its advantages and disadvantages but the end result says it all.

For the uninitiated, street photography is a way of telling a story just like the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Street photography tells varied stories because people love taking photos randomly based on their moods.

Most people would bring their cameras for the sole purpose of capturing some magical moments because such moments only occur once, which is why it is important to bring a camera along. The best places to take street photography are “hidden places” which are very subjective.

Ipoh is, without doubt, a haven for street photography. Every nook and corner you go, there will always be something worth capturing. There are many spots in the city where street photography addicts fall in love instantly.

With the city filled with tourists, especially during holidays and weekends many coffee shops have become trendier and hipster, making them ideal spots to take photos.

Some pointers to consider when taking street photographs. Firstly, the lighting; get the right amount of light, not too bright or too dark. The angle too should also be right – not too low or too high, as this could affect the quality of the pictures.

Lastly, editing is a must. Too much editing will spoil the pictures. So, what is the right amount? You figure it out yourself.

Thanusha Vikneswaran

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