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Dong Café @ 22 Hale Street, Han Chin Pet Soo and i-Innovative Gavel Club Ipoh organised a walk along Ipoh’s iconic heritage trail on Saturday, March 23. The walk was led by Commander Ian Anderson (Rtd) of ipohWorld.

A total of 25 participants, all below 18 years old, gathered in front of the Ipoh Railway Station for a briefing before beginning their journey.

The walk commenced at 8.15am. The team stopped at designated heritage sites such as the Cenotaph, Birch Memorial, Residence and Law Office of the Seenivasagam Brothers and Han Chin Pet Soo.

According to Leong Ming Fai, Han Chin Pet Soo’s manager, the walk was good exposure for the young participants.

“They need guidance when it comes to history. Most of them think that history is not important but by participating in such events, they’ll get the opportunity to discover some of the hidden gems of the city,” he told Ipoh Echo.

Participant Wong Shen Wen, 14, said he came across many historical sites that he never knew ever existed.

“Although I’m tired, I’m glad that I participated in the walk. It’s very interesting indeed and I’ve gained a lot. If there is such a programme in the future, I’d definitely join,” said Chan Hei Yann, 16.

The walk ended with lunch at 22 Hale Street.

Joelyn Jonathan & Darshini Sandrasagaran

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